Thymus for injection is new
【Drug name】

Generic name:Thymus for injection is new

English name:Thymus for injection is new



Main ingredients:The main ingredient is thymus method.

Chemical name:

Molecular formula:

molecular weight:

Accessories:Mannitol, disodium hydrogen phosphate.


This product is white or kind of white loose block.


Chronic hepatitis b.

2. As a vaccine immune response enhancer for immunocompromised patients. This product increases the immune response to viral vaccines, such as influenza or hepatitis b vaccines, in patients with suppressed immune system function, including those who receive chronic hemodialysis and senile diseases.

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[usage and dosage]

Subcutaneous injection (intramuscular or intravenous injection should not be performed) immediately after dissolving with 1ml of water for injection.

Recommended dose for chronic hepatitis b: 1.6mg twice a week, 3 to 4 days apart. Continuous administration for 6 months (52 needles in total) should not be interrupted.

As a vaccine immune response enhancer for patients with immunocompromised diseases: 1.6mg each time, twice a week, 3 ~ 4 days apart, 4 weeks (8 shots in total), the first shot should be injected subcutaneously immediately after the vaccine is given.

【 storage 】 shading, airtight, 2 ~ 8 ℃.

Please refer to the product manual for details

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