Market is sea, quality is ship, brand is sail; today's quality is tomorrow's market; building great wall of quality and prospering Chinese economy; constructing "quality, environment and safety"—— In the future, success belongs to the century of quality leaders; only quality is needed to create brilliance; quality is more important than cost; survival by quality, development by quality, benefit from quality; survival by quality and development by reform; qualified quality is the essence of society Quality is the contribution to the society; quality is the partner of success; the implementation of standards is the guarantee of quality; Customers are the source of enterprise development; if life is injected into the products, the products will live in the market; production must rely on low cost and competition depends on high quality; with painstaking efforts to cast business philosophy, let the corporate culture continue; establish core values, and be good at learning, but also be good at creating; quality is the life of an enterprise.